Cirque du Soleil

ŠKODA is proud to raise the curtain on an exciting new partnership with world-famous live entertainment company, Cirque du Soleil®.

Why partner up? Well, among our many shared values, we both believe life should be full of positive energy. In other words, we believe that an inventive spirit can ‘electrify’ people, stirring emotions in everyday life. And we do this by applying precision and performance to deliver the unexpected in everything we both do.


At ŠKODA, we are energised by smart ideas, and by applying an inventive spirit we will continue to make cars that excite and surprise. The all-electric ŠKODA VISION E concept is the first step on our electric journey, a journey we would like you to take with us.

We believe ideas should ‘electrify’, they should spark the imagination, and Cirque du Soleil shares this belief.


‘Precision’ and ‘performance’ are words that spring to mind when watching our first collaborative project, a film featuring the artists of Cirque du Soleil, as well as our all-electric VISION E concept. Other words include, ‘wow’ and ‘how…?’.

Play the film and see for yourself the amazing acrobatics of the performers as they help ŠKODA announce to the world its commitment to e-mobility – the perfect celebration of our dynamic new partnership.


More than 180 million spectators have watched Cirque du Soleil’s shows since its inception just over 30 years ago. Now, in partnership with ŠKODA, you can witness the astonishing abilities of their performers in our brand new film.

Shot in Prague, the film features four Cirque du Soleil artists performing a variety of acrobatic moves in front of a giant light installation replicating the brilliance of the sun – a visual metaphor for the entertainment company as well as our shared vision of ‘electrifying ideas’. Watch the footage, then go behind the scenes and find out more about the people who brought this stunning film to life.



To take the leap into future mobility with us and find out more about the all-electric ŠKODA VISION E concept, or to learn more about Cirque du Soleil, and find out whether their world tour is visiting your country, click on either link.