21. 6. 2017

An electrically powered beach buggy, based on the ŠKODA CITIGO, bears the name ŠKODA ELEMENT. The ‘E’ stands for electricity, ‘ELEMENT’ for the elementary and fundamental drive system of the future – e-mobility.


Every year, students from the ŠKODA Vocational School design and build a student car. This time, 21 students between the ages of 17 and 18, from nine different professional fields (body painters, car electricians, body makers, motor mechanics, logistics specialists etc.), spent approx. 1,500 hours working on this open beach buggy.

For the students, the construction of the ŠKODA ELEMENT is associated with a very special mission. They are dedicating their e-buggy to their fellow student Petr Stanislav, who was part of the 2015 team that built the pick-up. In July last year, he had a motorbike accident and has since been in a wheelchair. Nevertheless, he wants to complete his course. With their commitment, his fellow students provide the necessary motivation, whilst ŠKODA ensured that he has been able to continue with his programme at all. Amongst other things, investments in the modernisation of the academy were put towards the creation of barrier-free access to all areas of the school.

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